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“Round Table” with focus on:  “Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity”

During this activity were discussed the key challenges associated with the implementation and support in order to ensure the conditions for the success of a center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity.

As below you will find some of the issues that we needed to address in the design phase, and in particular:

  1. Destination and Beneficiaries
  2. “Public – Private-University” Partnership
  3. Legal status and “ownership”
  4. Governance and operational management
  5. Location and characteristics
  6. Products and services that will offer
  7. Economic and organizational sustainability
  • Mrs. Vilma Tomco, Director of DAETIK – Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration
  • Vincenzo Bellini, President of “Distretto Produttivo Puglia Creativa”
  • Dott. D. Scavaortz, General Director of Veneto Banca – Albania
  • Dr. Valentina Ndou, Department of Technology and Innovation, Università di Salento
  • Giuseppe Mola, App for Good – Samsung Italy
  • Luigi DeLuca, Apulia Film Commission
  • Jorges Kovaci, Adriapol Institute – Entrepreneurship and incubation
  • Andi Gjokutaj, University ” Marin Barleti ” – Innovation and ICT
  • Romeo Kodra, Adriapol Institute – Creativity, Art and Culture

Forum on “The strategic role of the development of the creative economy and international cooperation”

The Forum was a two day event with the participation of both Albanian and Italian public, innovation and art personalities, and created strong links of cooperation between different institutions.

The Forum was honored by the participation of prominent personalities:

  • Mr. Erion Veliaj, Minister of Youth and Social Welfare
  • Mr. Piero Liuzzi, Senator, President of the Consortium Puglia Creativa
  • Mrs. Eglantina Gjermeni, Minister of Tourism and Urban Development
  • Mr. Massimo Gaiani, Ambassador of the Italian Republic in Albania
  • Mr. Niko Peleshi, Vice Prime minister of the Albanian Republic
  • Mrs. Milena Harito, Minister of Innovation and Public Administration

Ideation and implementation of the project “Youth Entrepreneurship”

The overall objective: The goal of the project is to create a generation of young entrepreneurs by strengthening collaborative networking opportunities and dedicated support to the stages of the preparation of the business idea.

  • Improve the business environment so entrepreneurs can grow and flourish;
  • Create a positive awareness of the benefits of entrepreneurship for the society in general;
  • Assist business start-ups by supporting relevant business net­works for entrepreneurs and providing training to fill knowledge gaps on entrepreneurship skills for those who have spent their working life as employees;
  • To promote and facilitate the concretization of youth’s entrepreneurial ideas through strengthening the skills and competencies and at the same time increasing the opportunities for success;
  • To reduce the amount of funding necessary for a new initiative by setting available facilities for youth entrepreneurial initiatives;
  • To strengthen the links between research and entrepreneurship, as well as the establishment of academic knowledge in benefit of youth business initiatives;
  • To increase the access to services for new entrepreneurial initiatives through the virtual platform;
  • To develop innovative methods for stimulating the youth entrepreneurship;
  • To increase visibility and promote youth talent and human capital opportunities that Albania offers to foreign investors.

Ideation and implementation of the Project “Creativecity.al: The Platform of the Virtual, Artistic, Creative, Innovative and and Entrepreneurship City

The overall objective: This project proposal is an integral piece of the platform “albaniatoexplore” which will enable synergistically the promotion of Albania in a multidimensional level, combining, besides promoting cultural tourism, the promotion of Albania as an investment destination, as human capital destination as well as any potential sector that offers opportunities for international visitors.

Specific Objectives of the project: 

  1. Promoting a creative and innovative city where various initiatives in creative sectors improve the quality of life by making it more interesting, challenging and attractive.
  2. Creating a virtual portal “creative city”, as a center of art and culture, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship education which will promote activities and patent and talents of art and culture.
  3. Networking and strengthening of artistic and cultural forums which integrate and create partnerships at different levels of stakeholder / support and in different sectors of art and culture which lead to creative and innovative shapes.
  4. Establish a national database integrated and comprehensive which will consist of three interconnected components; creative industries, creative talents and creative spaces.
  5. Capacity building of creative and artistic talents and cultural organizations, but also of public administration employees through various forms of training in Arts, Culture, Entrepreneurship, and Information Technology.

Planned and implemented activities:

  1. The creation of the portal creativecity.al
  2. Capacity building through a series of professional training from a specialized staff, to the young talent and civil servants on topics integrating art, culture, entrepreneurship and information technology. These courses will provide expertise and will enhance entrepreneurial skills of young talent in the creative industries, becoming a first group of trainers, positive examples for the future

KORCA FOOD HUB: Sustainable Rural Development through Regional Branding

Overall objective: To contribute in promoting employment and supporting rural producers of the area through the establishment of “Korca Food HUB” for the valorisation of the local products and the creation of a regional brand

Results of the project:

  • Total restructuring of the old industrial building with an area of 2.300 m2 made available by the Municipality to create a HUB Agro Food in Korça city (the workings are co-financed 50% by the Municipality);
  • Assistance for the local producers for the products marketing, packaging and labelling, etc;
  • Realisation of the activities for raising the awareness in the schools and with the citizens in order to promote the genuinity and the freshness of the local products and healthy eating;
  • Identification of the “Food Cluster” to support the projects for the integrated food chain supply;
  • Promotion of a regional brand for the typical local products and the organisation of the events for its initiation and distribution.

ForWork-‘’Fast track integration into the labor market for third country nationals targeting exclusively asylum seekers, refugees, and their family members’ funded by the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, within the EASI – PROGRESS program.


  • Agenzia Piemonte Lavoro
  • Adriapol Institute
  • Fondazione Rodolfo Debenedetti
  • Centro Internazionale Di Formazione Dell’ Oil
  • Agjencise Kombetare Te Arsimit, Formimit Profesional Dhe Kualifikimeve
  • Inforcoop Lega Piemonte Societa Consortile A Responsabilita Limitata
  • Kairos Mestieri Srl

Overall objective: The project aims to promote the social and working inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees hosted in Extraordinary Reception Centers (CASs) of the Piedmont Region and in reception facilities in Albania. In particular, Employment Centers will develop a model of taking charge of migrants through an individual integrated action plan.

The project implemented in Italy and Albania will establish a personalized work integration path for asylum seekers in about 90 CASs of the Piedmont Region, for about 600 beneficiaries. Specifically, the program includes:

  • prior assessment of linguistic and professional skills of potential beneficiaries and elaboration of an Individualized Action Plan;
  • monitoring and mentoring activities carried out by a job mentor;
  • support from cultural mediators;
  • introduction to regional employment services;
  • identification and development of formal and informal skills ;
  • language and professional training courses;
  • individualized placement services

Meetup &Startup

Main objective: The purpose of this project is to support employment of Albanian youngsters through youth entrepreneurship initiatives (startups) that mainly focus on the creative industry (application of technology), information in the fields of economics, tourism, culture, handicrafts, etc.), information and communication technology (ICT) and agro and support them in international competitions

Main activities:

  • Opening Activity (MEETUP 4 STARTUP):
  • Creating an online platform through which the ONLINE SCREENING process will be developed
  • 3 (three) Creative Weekends
  • 3 (three) National Competitions, part of the general competitions that will be held in Tirana (Betapitch Tirana and Creative Business Cup Albania) and Korça (AgroChallenge Albania).

Specific goals / objectives

The above-mentioned goal is achieved by fulfilling these specific objectives:

Creating new businesses by launching new products and services that enhance economy and employment, through:

  • Identifying 20 startups with innovative ideas in the areas of: agri-business, ICT and creative industries.
  • Inspire them through stories of success
  • Sharing good practices.
  • Workshops and mentoring.

Providing educational programs that promote youth entrepreneurship through:

  • Selecting of the top 15 startups in agri-business, ICT and creative industries.
  • Mentoring and organizing targeted development activities.
  • Mini contests for best business ideas.

Promoting social capital in national and international markets, through:

  • organization of 3 championships in Albania, in which 3 start-ups will be chosen

Agro Challenge Albania 2020

 Objectives:  Future Agro Challenge Albania 2020 aims to create a regional agro-entrepreneurial ecosystem that will inspire and attract young creative and innovative businesses, living in Albania and returned emigrants, which in the long run will:

  • Improve farm productivity by creating better solutions.
  • Enhance agriculture’s environmental footprint by bringing forward resourceful efficiencies.
  • Build rural prosperity by addressing rural economies.

Future Agro Challenge Albania 2020 main aim is to raise awareness and funds for the young agri-prenerus that live in Albania or has just returned from abroad in the country that want to scale up and grow their businesses.

Therefore, promotional activity should be an integral part of this project. Throughout the implementation months, it is recommended to be used the following promotional techniques:

  • Face to face interactions in different cities in Albania where there are Agro Universities.
  • Webpage for online application.
  • Roll up and banner to be displayed at the venues where the events will take place.
  • Social media accounts in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Online banners, posters and events to be used in the social media promotion.
  • -Presence in the form of PR, in traditional media


This project will be implemented in two phases: FIRST PHASE October – December 2019 Regional competitions. FAC Albania will partner with Agro Universities in four regions that will be in charge for the regional events. The FAC Albania application call will be open  for a month, October – November 2019. Shortlisted applications will participate in the regional competitions. Adriapol Institute will facilitate the meetings and the events with the regional partners. The event will be promote in social and traditional media. The regiona events should take place within December 2019. 4 regional finalists will participate in the National Event in Tirana, in February, where they will compete for a ticket to the Global Agripreneurs Summit, taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece. SECOND PHASE January – May 2020 | National and International Event. In February 2020, the final FAC Albania, will be held in Tirana. The finalist from all local competitors from the regional competitions, will pitch in Tirana against each other for the National Winner. Before the final event, the semifinalist will participate in a two days boot camp, where they will improve their business, ICT, communication, presentation, negotiation and pitching skills. Mentors will guide the participants according to the different evaluation criteria. The final pitch will run only in 5 minutes and participants should be able to cover everything within their time, for the diverse, clever and critical (in the good way) jury. The Tirana FINAL Event will bring together representatives from different sectors, such as academia, business, farmers, experts, media, etc. Importantly, the event will have a well-known moderator, who will entertain the startups, the jury members, and all the participants. During the event day, representatives from other start-ups, that were not necessarily qualified in the finals, will run a “market show” and young agriprenerus, visitors, business representatives, may take a look at each booth and share ideas, contacts, with them. The National Winner wins a ticket to the International event, where they will get direct access to the Global Agripreneurs Summit, taking place in Thessaloniki Greece.

5C Project

It is a year-long film literacy manifestation, consisting of curated film screenings, workshops and seminars for the 5 best critics of altcineAction! 2015 contest. Anyone, from any country is eligible for this award.


Cultural and educational events in four different European countries with low audiovisual production capacity (Greece, Croatia, Romania and Albania), including screenings, workshops, roundtables and Q&A sessions, will give the opportunity to a large audience to watch, explore and analyse feature and short films, both recent productions and awarded films, from neighbouring countries that have never been released before in their territory, thus proposing another point of view on their neighbour’ s cinema.

The main target group of the action is young European moviegoers who are willing to express themselves through written or audio-visual texts, local university students, film amateurs and local audiences.

Five young European people, after an online selection procedure, will follow the caravan in the four cities, will be coached by experienced tutors and during the open workshops and screenings, they will be invited to communicate with a local audience, reveal another point of view and additionally, express this by using extensively the digital technologies.

Between the events, a growing network of young audiences will communicate and interact through Internet tools (such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), created especially for their exchanges, in order to provide constant audio-visual learning.

The participants will manage their own feed/blog on the project’s specific website (established at the beginning of the project), where the participants’ experiences of the project (feeds, blogs, selfies, photos and videos) will be regularly posted throughout the year. An online brochure including project information, articles and interviews from filmmakers, film scholars and the project participants, will be edited and published by 5C upon completion.

The choice of films will be based, for this first edition, on the perception of the “City”; each film’s narrative will focus on a different city, with their specific local, cultural, social, historical and economic circumstances.

All films will be shown in the original language with English and local language subtitles. In addition, the screenings will be preceded by an introduction and followed by profound analysis and discussion with the experts/tutors, the young “ambassadors” and the audience.

The general theme questions of the proposed action are:

How do you perceive cultural differences/similarities as expressed through the films in view of the cities represented?

How do you see your own city (through the films presented) within the region and in Europe?

Are you ready to present your point of view regarding your city or other European cities through audio-visual means?

The initiative focuses on three main axes:

Interdisciplinary learning through:

Workshops in film criticism and film analysis

Workshops in film creation (shooting – editing)

Roundtable on film festivals’ selection criteria regarding regional and International competition programs.

Awarded feature films and recent short film projections, discussions and Q&A sections.

Online tools, mentoring and didactic material (both text and audio-visual), as well as other web resources, between and after the ground (local) activities.


The project focuses on the immersion of young audiences in the cinematographic heritage of the region and in new films, by actions that help increase recognition of audio-visual works.

The project aims to:

Heighten a perception of film as a cultural treasure especially among young people, through cinema awareness in terms of developing taste and a critical attitude.

Offer basic tools for a holistic view on audio-visual works: artistic creation and film criticism.

Create a community of young moviegoers that has special attitude and interest in cinema.

Deconstruct stereotypes through films concerning the European Other.

Improve the participants’ critical written and communication skills in the English language.

For this first edition of “The 5C project”, we aim to:

Create a young cinephile network, ready to watch, analyse, discuss and eventually create audio-visual content,

Give the opportunity to at least 1000 people to watch awarded feature films and recent short films never distributed in their country,

Provide the basic tools to those 1000 people to better understand the film text.

Establish the idea of “independent film Ambassadors” and provide to those 5 young people the means and the tools to express themselves and propose new actions for the development of “another” audience,

Start a sustainable collaboration between the Institutions in four countries and create new partnerships with other International festivals and institutions.

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