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Smart, Creativity, Growth

Founded in 2014, is based on the application of the Quintuple Helix concept that connects academia and applied Research, the business community, government and institutions, and civil society with the consumers and end-users in the process of creating open and innovative approaches to sustainable development at the regional level. 

The stakeholders with which Adriapol Institute cooperates are regions – cities and districts, academia and institutes, central and local government, local institutions and international organizations, civic society and non-profit entities, businesses and industries, consumers and interest groups as well as different communities and the general public.

Adriapol Institute   strives to create an attractive and lively city based not only on Open Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity but also on making this a lifestyle. This philosophy is made up of four components:

  • Vertical dimension: with the focus on three levels of governance, policy-making, international trends, etc.
  • Horizontal dimension: with the focus on various industrial, economic, cultural, and social aspects, etc.
  • Internal dimension: with the focus on various groups of stakeholders, collaborators, etc.
  • Application dimensions: with the focus on creative forms of action, initiatives, clusters, events infrastructure, etc.
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