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The mission of the Institute is to actively develop new and innovative ways to solve different challenges of real life, implementing projects that engage a social approach to entrepreneurial drive and find creative solutions for sustainable growth. 

The realization of sustainable and integrated cross-sectoral development through the cooperation of technological, economic, social, and urban factors with a high impact on the environment, community, and quality of life.

The Institute accomplishes its mission throw applied research, capacity building, public awareness, consultancy, and different services to better serve the public interests and stakeholders involved in its activities.

The Institute aims to guarantee vertical integration among the various levels of governance, and the stakeholders involved in territorial governance (local, regional, national, private sector, civil society, etc.) as well as for horizontal integration among various sectors of public activity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the driving force in Albania that empower creative makers, innovators, and young entrepreneurs for the fast-changing world as well as develop competitive local expertise.

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