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Through accrued funds and income based on the law, the Institute accomplishes its mission on research, trainings, courses, consultations, services and publishing activities in order to realize its projects with the view to better serve the public interests. Thanks to its activities, the Institute realizes its sustainability and versatile multisector integration as an indispensable demand for the urban, economic, cultural, technological development of the community and its life improvement. The Institute realizes its mission in collaboration and partnership with specialized enterprises of the respective fields.

Likewise the Institute aims at providing guarantees for the vertical integration among the various levels of governance, and the stakeholders involved in the territorial governance (local, regional, national, private sector, civil society, etc.) as well as for horizontal integration among various sectors of public activity.

The institute strives to create an attractive and lively city based not only on the Innovation and Creativity but also on making this a daily philosophy. This vision is made up of four components:

  1. Vertical dimension: with the focus on three levels of governance, policy making, international trends….
  2. Horizontal dimension: with the focus on various industrial, economic, cultural and social aspects, etc.
  3. Internal dimension: with the focus on various groups of stakeholders, and collaborators….
  4. Application dimensions: with the focus on creative forms of action, initiatives, clusters, events infrastructure….

Its fields of activity are: the cities and their constituents, central and local governing authorities, non-for profit organizations, industries, community and groups of interest, as well as the general public.

The Institute offers open-ended activities and services for everyone or any subject interested on issues for the integrated and sustainable regional and European economic development, governance, urbanization, environment, life, education and industry.

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