Within global competition cities need to win investors and create more and better jobs. The exploitation of creative industries, which have high, but often unrecognised potentials, contributes to the fulfilment of the Lisbon objectives on local levels. CREATIVE CITIES fostered the exploitation of unused potentials (e.g. improvement of income situation to stabilise and increase employment, international marketing). The challenges for creative industry actors are high (low capital endowment, poor networking, low external visibility), though they do not have enough capacities to develop their potentials as they lack needed resources and know-how. Most European cities are not aware of the benefits creative industries do offer and have not yet developed suitable policies or instruments. That goes hand in hand with a lack of transnational comparable data on the impact of creative industries for economic growth. At the same time a lobby for creative industry needs to be strengthened.

More specifically, Creative Cities aimed to:
- improve framework conditions and to initialize creative industry clusters
- promote entrepreneurial skills and competitiveness of creative industries, creating positive climate attracting different investments and exchanging know how
- improve their external visibility through transnational marketing and networking
- exploit potentials in the development of decayed urban areas through the allocation of creative industries in those city districts.

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