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Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity

A society, an economy, a country develops where creative ideas of young people become always part of new ventures. The exchange of ideas and experience between business and student’s creativity, will serve the future of the economy of a country. This was also the aim of the round table with the theme "Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Creativity" organized by the University "Marlin Barleti ".

"We are not able, I think, that to meet the challenges of today can prepare our students only to stay within the four walls of the audience , because no matter how innovative and eloquent we are, and whatever tasks we give students , if we do not work with business incubators , as this panel that we have built today. If we do not know how to work after all these discussions we will do today, effectively I see this as a very important thing for our own institution. “- Said Prof. Marenglen Spiro, Rector of UMB’s.

In her speech Mrs . Vilma Tomco, DAETIK’s Director at the Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration, supported the importance of such initiatives and strengthened the commitment of the Ministry to support related projects. One of the ambitious projects in this direction is the construction and implementation of the Broad Band platform as a tool capable to facilitate innovation and application of knowledge.

In his speech Mr. Daniele Scavaortz, Director of Veneto Bank - Albania, announced to the students that “the development of technology has led to the perfection of the banking system, which should be accompanied by increased service quality. “

“The technology currently used by the banking system is diverse, and offered to all customers with efficiency and effectiveness, available at any time. What would be the change if we talk about creativity and innovation, which should make the difference from one system to another? The level of service, network distribution modalities. So what we think may be a new idea, a new approach to the market, which we have implemented as a bank in some areas where we operate. Acting on the basis of a logical industrial and distribute the same product, stay within these areas to understand the needs of individuals and businesses. We believe that the network of ideas that arises in Universities requires the contribution of all to bring social and economic development of a country. “- Said Mr. Daniele Scavaortz, Director General of the Veneto Bank.

A few days ago during the Fair Labor Vento Bank and Marin Barleti University signed a cooperation agreement.

Dr. Valentina Ndou, from the department of Technology and Innovation at the University of Salento, stressed the importance of business incubators and the benefits derived from their operation.

Attending the workshop were also Mr. Giuseppe Mola from App for Good - Samsung Italy and Mr. Luigi DeLuca from Apulia Film Commission who presented the activity of their respective organizations, and stressed the importance that such discussion tables can play in order to stimulate and support entrepreneurial and innovative initiatives.

During the round table, the colleagues Jorgest Kovaci, Andi Gjokutaj and Romeo Kodra from the “Adriapol” Institute presented also concrete proposals and arguments regarding the integration and application in reality of entrepreneurial initiatives with innovative and creative nature.