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Fostering Technology Entrepreneurship in the Euro-Mediterranean Area

Adriapol Institute and Marin Barleti University was main actors on the International Conference: Fostering Technology Entrepreneurship in the Euro-Mediterranean Area: Challenges and Opportunities.

The workshop was held on Friday 28th, from 9 to 17:30, at Hotel President Lecce. The event was organized by the incubator Euro Mediterranean - Research Laboratory of Engineering Management of the Department of Engineering for Innovation of University of Salento.

Mrs Esmeralda Hasani on her speech stressed the importance of private-public partnership for developing technology entrepreneurship in the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The Euro-Mediterranean region is destined to become a vast area of free trade and economic prosperity, with strong development perspectives for entrepreneurs. This economic integration is an irreversible process, which takes place in a global context of increased trade and competition and against the background of the permanent evolution in information and communication technologies.

Some of the questions of the Mediterranean partners on the workshop were: How to play the globalisation card and make the most of the opportunities offered by the opening up of the Euro-Mediterranean economic area? How to remain competitive and create a sufficient number of jobs for newcomers on the labour market? Which strategies should be implemented to create value added and achieve complementary economic development? How to foster entrepreneurship and attract foreign investment on a durable basis?

Technology entrepreneurship, as an engine for growth and social progress, is at the heart of all these considerations.