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Building Effective Creative Clusters

Adriapol Institute participated in the Conference – Building Effective Creative Clusters organized by EBN in collaboration with the European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA). Through the conference there were several networking sessions and Adriapol Institute promoted the Youth initiatives and potential in Start Up activity and the Start up ideas which came up at the Start Up Weekend Tirana. The event was honored by the participation of Mr. Jose Freitas from the European Commission.

is an integrated policy initiative that combines policy learning with 8 concrete actions on innovation vouchers, better access to finance and cluster excellence & cooperation. It is an open platform that brings together policy-makers and business support practitioners from 28 partner organizations and 12 countries. Its overall aim is to shape a community in Europe that actively supports creative industries as a driver for competitiveness, job creation and structural change by developing and testing better policies and tools for creative industries.


• Developing strategies and services within creative clusters
• Effective co-working and Incubation Centres for Creative Clusters
• How Creative Industries can add real value in your city or region
• Cross-sectoral and Cross-cluster collaboration

Opening – Accelerating European Recovery and Growth Creatively

The opening panel of keynotes teased out the socio-economic impact (especially spillover effects) of Creative and Digital Industries at local and European levels. The session focused on:
- The importance of the Creative & Cultural Industries to a City Region
- Creative & Cultural Industries: A Dynamic Catalyst for Growth in Europe
- Engine for Growth - Cross-sector clustering and collaboration
Philippe Vanrie - EBN (Belgium)

The main points of the conference focused over the following topics and discussions:

1. Developing effective strategies and services within creative clusters
How can cluster organizations optimize their services to provide better business & internationalization support? How can these organizations be an effective catalyst to innovation and growth?
Johanna Bolhoven - Creative England (United Kingdom)
And with the following Panel Speakers
Cristina Fanjul - CEEI de Asturias (Spain)
Konstantin Schneider - n/a
Roberto Ricco - n/a
Barney Toal - Innovation Centre NORIBIC (United Kingdom)

2. Developing effective co-working and Incubation centers for creative clusters Plenary Session
What is the value of co-working and incubation centres for their members? What factors affect its efficiency? What do ’creatives’ need to thrive and grow within them?
Laetitia AMIOT - Toulon Var Technologies (France )
And with the following Panel Speakers
Franz Glatz - gate - Garchinger Technologie- und Gründerzentrum GmbH (Germany)
Damian Strzelczyk - Academic Business Incubators (Please choose...)
Ilaria Corsi - BIC Lazio SpA (Italy)

3. How Creative Industries can add real value in the city/region Plenary Session
How to increase the impact of the Creative & Cultural Industries on the economy in your city or region? How to prove its value and be an effective ambassador to maximize that message?
David Furmage - Coventry University Enterprises Ltd (United Kingdom)
And with the following Panel Speakers
Benoit BOTTEX - METAXU Project (France )
Juien CARBONE - METAXU Project (France )
Anita Bhalla - n/a
Andrea Peters - n/a
Jürgen Enninger - n/a

4. Cross-sectoral and cross-cluster collaboration – a catalyst for real growth Plenary Session
Sharing practical experiences on how harnessing the power of cross-innovation can bring business growth while stimulating the creation of entirely new products and services.
HELENA Acheson - MFG Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
And with the following Panel Speakers
Marta Ysern - Fundacio Barcelona Media (Spain)
Sandrine Becqueriaux - Lille Métropole (France )
Johanna Bolhoven - Creative England (United Kingdom)
David Crombie - n/a