Entrepreneurial Promotion & Development, Albania’s Business Generation

Entrepreneurial Promotion & Development, Albania’s Business Generation


Gjergji Kalaja  Impuls.al


The action has the mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. After the phase of the Premises Reconstruction the common spaces will be the host infrastructure for the entrepreneurship and start up community in Tirana. The premises will accommodate from monthly to yearly activities aiming to stimulate local entrepreneurship. It is an action for connection and collaboration-engaging all players along the entrepreneurship spectrum in strengthening ecosystems around Tirana.
A very good way not only to gain knowledge and benefit from the experience of the best professionals in the field of ICT but also to use as a  bridge of contact which can be used in the future as a  possibility for training and employment in the premises of such enterprises.

Workshop themes:

• Creation of name / brand
• Creation of Online Product
• Product Management
• Management of the working group
• Development of Business Model
• Problems & Advantages etc...