Smart City: Not just technology - Open Innovation

Smart City: Not just technology - Open Innovation

ORGANIZER:  Innovation Hub (Godina e Inovacionit)
PLACE: Innovation Hub
DATE: 22.11.2016

Moderator:    Antonio Santangelo Archidata Milano

Purpose and thesis of discussion:

Open Innovation represents an initiative that aims to enable start-ups and SMEs to profile their companies, their products/services and their intellectual property in order to find partners and collaborators for further development. Workshops and seminars are foreseen to be implemented with the involvement of international experts. The activities will enable youth innovators and entrepreneurship to enhance their knowledge in collaborating with international organizations and doing business internationally, with estimated 100 individuals as direct beneficiaries.

Workshop Topics:

• Smart City
• How many smartC
• Smart Tech & Ingredients
• From smart to sharing
• Sharing Cities