IT for Equality Professional Network of Business Services Suppliers

IT for Equality Professional Network of Business Services Suppliers

ORGANIZER: Innovation Hub (Godina e Inovacionit)
PLACE: Innovation Hub
DATE: 21.10.2016


Z. Enis Gjana 


IT For Equality thinks to facilitate the lives of all people who sit in a wheelchair and use their physical strength to enable movement, transforming this chair in a smart chair, commanded by a joystick and monitored from a Smartphone integrated in the chair. Thanks to the different sensors like Proximity, Humidity, Temperature their lives will be more secure by avoiding possible accidents.
In this event the participants will recognize the challenges and problems faced by young entrepreneurs and individuals during the establishment and implementation of an innovative idea. Lack of experience, funds, affiliates or legislation makes it more of a difficult challenge.
This workshop aims to educate and strengthen individuals, groups and communities, by recognizing the laws and regulations in force. Development activity spaces provide the necessary infrastructure for the creation of community enterprises and Start Up in Tirana. To stimulate local entrepreneurship, this initiative aims to connect and promote further interaction of actors in this ecosystem.

Topics of discussion will be:

• The next step after the Business Planning
• Lobbying for different Financing
• Pitching the idea through local and international competitions
• Applying for funding, from projects from different donors
• Review and re-evaluation of the situation