Instituti per Kerkim dhe Zhvillim Barleti (BIRD) in collaboration with the Ministry of Innovation and Public Affairs and Partners Albania is glad to present the first Cluster activity under the Project “Innovation Hub” that will continue to carry on the mission drawing out the innovative part of a region rich of ICT potential.

This Cluster activity appertains to the Innovation HUB project's action:

"3.1 Realization of the cluster activities"
supported by the Italian - Albanian Debt for Development Swap Program IADSA in Tirana.

The overall objective of the Regional Cluster is to intensify business network collaboration across borders and sectoral boundaries and to support the establishment of a Strategic Cluster Partnership to lead the international cooperation in fields of strategic interest – notably in support to the development of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

The Regional Cluster will present an intensive programme of meetings covering topics such as innovation & incubation / acceleration / digital startup / entrepreneurship, among many others. The partnership will provide insights for development policy for the regional competitiveness by increasing the impact of Entrepreneurship and Innovation actions.

It will be a great coming together of Digital industries, education providers, policy makers, and young people to support and safeguard the future of the Digital and ICT sectors in the Region.